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Where Okemo Mountain's thrilling slopes meet a vibrant village heart. Dive into Vermont's beauty and embrace Ludlow's enchanting blend of adventure and community.

Nestled among picturesque landscapes, Ludlow stands as a quaint testament to the charm of small-town living. With its idyllic surroundings and welcoming community, Ludlow offers a unique blend of rustic beauty and modern conveniences. As the seasons change, so does the town’s character, unveiling a myriad of experiences that captivate both locals and visitors alike. Ludlow’s charming downtown area features shops, boutiques, and restaurants where visitors and locals enjoy local cuisine and browse for unique gifts and souvenirs.

Okemo Mountain Resort offers a large selection of family-friendly terrain, beckoning skiing enthusiasts from far and wide. The resort boasts state-of-the-art facilities, from cozy lodges where stories are shared around crackling fireplaces to gourmet dining experiences that satisfy even the most discerning palates. During the summer months, the resort has mountain biking trails, zip-lining, and hiking, as well as competitions and festivals, like the annual Jackson Gore Summer Music Series, featuring live performances by various artists.

Meanwhile, the annual summer Arts and Craft Show showcases the work of local artists and craftsmen, featuring a variety of handmade items such as jewelry, pottery, paintings, and more.
Ludlow is surrounded by verdant hills and meadows. Its lakes offer fun swimming, boating, fishing opportunities.The town also has many hiking and biking trails as well as a championship golf course and hidden swimming holes (check out Buttermilk Falls, off Buttermilk Falls Road, for a series of swimming holes at the base of gorgeous waterfalls. Lower falls is 8 feet; middle falls is 20 feet; upper falls is 15 feet.)

Ludlow’s true essence lies in its warm-hearted residents. The community offers a variety of traditions, evident in annual festivals that celebrate local flavors, arts, and music, inviting everyone to come together.