Listen to What Marni Tells You

05/05/2019 – Ruth Mandelbaum
Sold a Townhouse home in 2019 in Plymouth, VT.

We were looking to sell our Vermont vacation house and I researched the realtors in our area.  I saw that Marni seemed to have the best sales record so we selected her.  Well I think that Marni must be some sort of selling genius.  I was fully expecting our home to be on the market for several weeks or maybe even months.  Marni had several potential buyers at the property as soon as it was listed (she took great photos) and our house had an offer after only one week!  We are first time sellers and I did need a lot of support through the process.  Marni was with me all the way!  If you are looking to sell a property that falls within her geographic range I recommend her highly.  She knows the market very well and knows how to price correctly to sell. Listen to what she tells you. Thank you Marni!

— Ruth Mandelbaum